24 April 2018
One Day Cruise
24 April 2018
24 April 2018

The Ionian Islands that are situated at the southeast end of the Adriatic Sea, have always been considered a natural gate towards the West. They reached heir peak of prosperity during the Venetian domination whose civilization was string influence to these islands.

T he mild climate, the developed tourist infrastructure and the multiple ways of access have established Eptanissa as an ideal tourist destination with alternative chooses all around the year. Board your yacht and explore each on of them.

Embarking from Athens and passing though Corinth Canal with the charming translucent waters, may stop to the port of Galaxidi. Next morning you can visit by car Delphi, a place with ancient monuments and the Sanctuary dedicated to Apollo. Departing at noontime and heading towards the Ionian Sea, one meets first a handful of uninhabited island of untouched beauty with fertile lands and superb beaches. Separated from Ithaca by a channel some 2 to 4 kilometres wide, Cephalonia, the fifth largest island in Greece appears.

Anchoring at Fiskardo the northernmost harbour in Cephalonia you will be charmed by its traditional tavernas. Do not forget to try its fabulous wine Robola and the honey of thyme. Heading north one can visit the island of Lefkada. It has its unique contrasting beauties, such as the rocky wavy bays on the island west shores.


Sailing upwards one can find the islands of Paxi and Antipaxi with their ports and small world waiting to be discovered. Atnipaxi serve as a refuge for those seeking refuge. Pleasant visits may be made to Parga, a small town on the mainland with a Venetian fortress and a wonderful beach. The last stop of Odysseus on his long journey home to Ithaca was Corfu. Different civilizations have occupied the island, so you can find Venetian castles and villas. Last but not least is the island of Zakynthos.

The southern most of the Ionian islands has many wonderful places to get to know and dozens of beaches to choose from sandy and sheltered with invitingly emerald green water, providing also refuge in one of them of the turtle Careta Careta. The pine studded mountains is musical people and their hospitality are features at one could never forget once on the island.

Ionian itineraries


Embarkation: Patra
Disembarkation: Patra

Day 1Patra - Kefalonia52
Day 2Kefalonla - Lefkas36
Day 3Lefkas - Antipaxi - Paxi35
Day 4Paxi - Corfu30
Day 5Corfu - Parga33
Day 6Parga - Meganissi42
Day 7Meganissi - Ithaki19
Day 8Ithaki - Patra52

Embarkation: Athens
Disembarkation: Athens

Day 1Athens - Canal - Galaxidi75
Day 2Galaxidi - Patra38
Day 3Patra - Zakynthos50
Day 4Zakynthos - Kefalonia42
Day 5Kefalonia - Ithaki17
Day 6Ithaki - Lefkas28
Day 7Lefkas - Antipaxi - Paxi35
Day 8Paxi - Corfu30
Day 9Corfu - Parga33
Day 10Parga - Preveza27
Day 11Preveza - Meganissi21
Day 12Meganissi - Nafpaktos60
Day 13Nafpaktos - Trizonia12
Day 14Trizonia - Kiato30
Day 15Kiato - Canal - Athens45