24 April 2018
24 April 2018
24 April 2018

A group of islands of varying sizes scattered over the deep blue waters pf tha Aegean. Is is considered the most picturesque island. According to the most tradition the Cyclades owe their name to the notional circle, which they appear to form around the sacred island Delos, the cradle of the Earth.

T heir diverse outlines as they protrude from the blue waters of the Aegean, bathed in the dazzling sunlight and embellished with white houses, small yards and numerous chapels with white church-towers, exude an impeccable charm that one can discover from one port to another.

Therefore, board your yacht and rely on your experience captain to come up with some exceptional itineraries that will guarantee you unforgettable memories.

Boarding you yacht from Athens and sailing towards Cyclades you may anchor in the lee ports of Kea and spend a quiet evening walking around the picturesque villages, enjoying delicious fresh fish at the traditional little tavernas. If you are fond of tranquil promenades anchor at Ermoupolis, world famous main harbour of Syros, with neoclassical buildings and important old mansions, situated few miles southeast of Syros lies the worlds famous Myconos, the city that never sleeps with magnificent beaches and the most cosmopolitan night life of the Greek islands. On its narrow paved streets one can stroll among many visitors, famous artists and intellectuals of all over the world, and can find pretty little tavernas, cosy bars and numerous shops selling souvenirs.


Very close to Myconos is the Island of Delos, where there is absolute quiet in a great deserted archaeological paradise that has been under excavation for many decades. Paros on the other hand with its magnificent landscapes, combines the cosmopolitan night life of Myconos with the more alternatives for a family vacation.

Cruising even more south to Santorini, one can see a complete different scenery due to the evocative volcano situated in the sea. The village of Ia will enchant you with its incomparable beauty. Its unique appeal lies in the little houses hewn out of the soft rock and where from you can savour it’s famous sunset and the superb view to the sea. Other less crowded and smaller islands with all the Cycladic elements and colours and of most master in pottery, who preserve their traditional workshops up to our days, and with is exceptional capital Kastro built on top of a hill featuring unique town planning and rather romantic scenery between the paved alleys.

Cyclades itineraries


Embarkation: Athens
Disembarkation: Athens

Day 1Athens - Kea40
Day 2Kea - Tinos - Mykonos53
Day 3Mykonos - Paros28
Day 4Paros - Ios33
Day 5los - Santorlnl22
Day 6Santorini - Sifnos51
Day 7Sifnos - Serifo - Kithno33
Day 8Kithno - Sounion - Athens48

Embarkation: Athens
Disembarkation: Athens

Day 1Athens - Kea30
Day 2Kea - Andros14
Day 3Andros - Tinos32
Day 4Tinos - Syros20
Day 5Syros - Mykonos30
Day 6Mykonos - Delos - Paros35
Day 7Paros - Naxos50
Day 8Naxos - Amorgos27
Day 9Amorgos - Ios31
Day 10Ios - Santorini50
Day 11Santorini - Folegandros30
Day 12Folegandros - Milos45
Day 13Milos - Sifnos31
Day 14Sifnos - Kithnos41
Day 15Kithnos - Sounion - Athens18