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24 April 2018
24 April 2018

The islands of the Saronic Gulf are among the Athenian favourite summer resorts, since they are situated within a stone’s throw from Athens. Each island has its own personality and charm appealing to numerous week-end visitors.

T he common characteristics of those islands are the magnificent beaches and the opportunity to participate in numerous sea sports the picturesque tavernas specializes in fresh fish cooking and the austere beauty of hotel accommodations.

Foreigners and Greeks alike are attracted by a variety of their landscapes and the vestiges of centuries gone by. These clusters of islands are considered the ideal place for an unforgettable one day of nay day charters.

Embarking in Athens ad heading towards the island of the Saronic Gulf you may visit first Aegina. The island of pistachio trees situated approximately one hour away from the Attica coastline. Sailing south Poros appears. Situated opposite of Galatas, on the east coast line of Argolida, was considered the island of Poseidon. Nowadays it is renowned for its lush vegetation.


Cruising downwards of Poros you meet Hydra. An appealing place not only for thousands but for international stardom as well, thanks to the combination of its manor houses cosmopolitan atmosphere and its distinct local colour. Many artists own country houses or even permanent residence on the island of Hydra.

Spetses is the most south-eastern point of the Argosaronic, situated opposite the picturesque PortoHeli, in the middle of the homonymous bay. Spetses used to be a significant navel power. Today this pas prosperity is still in the mansions which surround the old port, the Folklore Museum.

The marvellous town of Nafplion with the narrow cobbled streets the traditional stone houses and the Venetian citadel, Palamidi will enchant you for sure, let alone the large bay of Kyparissi along the coast of the Eastern Pelloponnese and the small hamlet of Gerakas.

Argosaronic itineraries


Embarkation: Athens
Disembarkation: Athens

Day 1Athens - Poros30
Day 2Poros - Hydra14
Day 3Hydra - Spetses15
Day 4Spetses - Nafplion26
Day 5Nafplio - Tolo - Porto Heli24
Day 6Porto Heli - Ermioni14
Day 7Ernioni - Aegina38
Day 8Aegina - Athens18

Embarkation: Athens
Disembarkation: Athens

Day 1Athens - Poros30
Day 2Poros - Hydra14
Day 3Hydra - Kyparissi32
Day 4Kyparissi - Monemvassia20
Day 5Monemvasia - Elafonisos30
Day 6Elafonisos - Gerolimenas35
Day 7Gerolimenas - Pylos50
Day 8Pylos - Kyparissia27
Day 9Kyparissia - Methoni31
Day 10Methoni - Porto Kayio50
Day 11Porto Kayio - Kithira30
Day 12Kithira - Gerakas45
Day 13Gerakas - Spetses31
Day 14Spetses - Aegina41
Day 15Aegina - Athens18